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Undergarments (Bra, Panty, Lingerie) Online Shopping in Bangladesh with Home Delivery at is a top & largest online shop for selling Bra, Panties, and Lingerie in Bangladesh. It is a most popular Undergarments Online Shopping in Bangladesh. It is a Ladies Secret Shopping Store for Bra, Panty, Night-Dress, Bikini Sets in Bangladesh.

A garment worn under other garments is called Undergarments. Bra, Panties, Bikini Sets and so on are also called Undergarments or Lingerie.

There is a difference between Bra, Bikini and Lingerie. First we talk about BraBra is normally used to cover or hold the breasts. Bras has various styles but the main purpose is to give support.

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Bra Online shopping in Bangladesh at

Lets talk about bikini and lingerie. The use of bikini and lingerie is same. A bikini covers as much as similarly cut lingerie. But there is difference in between the material that used. Underwear uses cotton or lace whereas swimwear usually uses a spandex/Lycra material.
Bikini has two types. One is Bikini Top and the other is One Piece Bikini.Bikini Top Online Shopping in Bangladesh at afiamart.xyzBikini Top Online Shopping in Bangladesh at

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Lingerie’s are also the women undergarments which are normally used by the women to be more sexy with their partner. Lingerie’s flatter the female figure, making the wearer seem more attractive or sexually appealing. Lingerie is defined as underwear or night clothing worn by women. women’s underwear or clothing worn in bed is also called Lingerie. It is usually made of Lycra, nylon, polyester, satin, lace and/or silk.

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